Calendly Integration

Allow users to schedule interviews in Pillar via Calendly

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You must have Administrator credentials in Calendly.

You must have Owner credentials in Pillar.

You must have the Zoom <> Calendly integration installed (if meetings are conducted via).

You must have Event Types configured in Calendly.


Connecting Pillar with your company's Calendly instance is a quick and easy task. First, from inside the Pillar web app, click on your initials/profile button in the upper right corner and go to "My Profile".

Once on the My Profile page, click into the Calendly link listed under Integrations.

Next, click "Authorize with Calendly"

Now, connect Calendly using your Administrator credentials.

Once you return to the Calendly integration page in Pillar, you'll now see all the meeting Event Types for your users. Simply toggle on or off the events you want to sync with Pillar.

That's it! You should be all set.

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