Manage the Pillar / Greenhouse Integration

Using our Greenhouse Integration, Pillar can automatically join interviews scheduled via Greenhouse‍

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How to Install

  1. Please ensure that the prerequisites have been met

  2. Go to the Greenhouse API Credential Management page
    Note - if you cannot access this page, you need another Site Admin to grant you the developer permissions mentioned in the prerequisites

3. Click Create API Key. In the Description text box, type "Pillar API Key." Select "Harvest" for Type.

4. Select the following checkboxes:
- Applications
- Candidates
- Job Openings
- Job Posts
- Job Stages
- Jobs
- Scheduled Interviews
- Scorecards
- Users

- User Roles

5. After selecting the checkboxes, click Update at the bottom of the screen

6. You will be redirected back to the API Credential Management page. Find the newly created Pillar API Key and click the copy button.

7. Navigate back to Pillar

8. Click on your user avatar in the top right corner of the page, and click My Profile

9. Navigate to the Greenhouse page under Integrations on the left side of the page
Note - You must have "Owner"-level access in your Pillar Organization to access this page

10. Paste your API Key from step 7 into the Harvest API Key text box and click save.

11. On the first synchronization of Greenhouse to Pillar, the integration will create a new user in your Greenhouse Account with the email format: This user will be assigned a Job Admin role to be able to read and write Interview Guide scorecards to Greenhouse. If your Greenhouse account does not have a User Role named "Standard" or "Basic" that is also a Job Admin, one must be created.


Once the integration is installed, Pillar will automatically join interviews scheduled via Greenhouse according to your organization's settings. There are two settings for capturing interviews:

  • Import All - Pillar will join every interview scheduled through Greenhouse

  • Choose Jobs Individually - Specify which jobs Pillar should capture

By default, Pillar will use the Import All setting when the integration is installed.

How to Uninstall

  1. Login to Pillar

  2. Click your avatar in the top right of the page and click My Profile

  3. Navigate to the Greenhouse Integration page

  4. Under the Harvest API Key text box, click the Remove button

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